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bride hair

Romantic October, cool autumn, is a season suitable for marriage. Falling leaves and warm autumn, MM who are going to marry, how to design their own bride hair style

Organize the four most fashionable bride hair styles for the reference.

Geometric hairpin
Lazy fashion bride haircut hairstyle
Hair distribution
The hair is made with a multi-braided hair style, simple and elegant, with tension and three-dimensionality, with small white flowers, and the bride's white wedding dress is very good, exudes a noble bride temperament.
This lazy and stylish bride's hair, the overall hair presents a lazy and fluffy state, but the curl of the hair is very good, can make the hair tension more than enough, with a bow crystal hair accessories, with a white tube top wedding dress, Can give people a fresh and refined visual sense.
Simple and fluffy braided hair, braided into a simple bun, highlighting the messy and orderly beauty. The white one-shoulder wedding dress highlights the exquisite figure. The one-shoulder design is very unique. It is decorated with translucent lace and carved, so that the overall shape is not too monotonous.
Fluffy fashion bride hair

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